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The Open Government Data Catalog is Now Collaborative

New OGD Initiative Entry Form

New OGD Initiative Entry Form

We are pleased to announce the new features of the Repository of Open Government Data Catalogs. Until now, only the Open Data initiatives led by either governments or public agencies have been published. Now, any public sector information catalog (managed by citizen movements, transparency commissions, NGOs, and other institutions) is welcomed. The only requirement is that those catalogs must contain public sector information.

Furthermore, we have automatized the catalog. Up to date, our catalog was maintained by hand, and when we found new initiatives we typed the meta-information in RDF, and it was submitted to our triplestore. Now, anyone may contribute submitting new catalogs using a simple form. Also, if a mistake or inaccuracy in any of the catalog entries is detected, it can be updated with the right information. Anyone may update the information selecting the marker on the map, and clicking the link “update it”.

How Does the Catalog Work?

The process of a new entry creation is simple:

  1. A nonexistent Open Government Data initiative is launched
  2. This initiative/catalog is defined using some metadata (title, description, issued date, location, etc.) by the form. The location info (latitude, longitude, name, etc.) is got from a Geonames service, so be careful with the jurisdiction of the initiative (is a city?, a state?, a nation?,…)
  3. The metadata are modeled in RDF triples, and we receive an alert
  4. We check that the RDF code is right to avoid spam, and to assure the location is correct.
  5. The new entry is available in the triplestore, and its marker on the map

If you detect a typo or mistake in any entry, please let us know using a similar form, after clicking on the link titled as “update it” in the balloon with the information of the initiative to modify. The update process is the same as the creation one, we will moderate the changes to avoid spam or inaccuracies. Spam entries will be rejected.

Link to update the information

Link to update the information

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